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street ABS bodywork
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Author:  SloAss848 [ Mon May 18, 2009 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  street ABS bodywork

for the few guys I've met so far, I laid my bike out over the weekend and thoroughly thrashed the bodywork on my bike. I've been looking around for some replacements and I found this on ebay:


apparently manufactured in Hong Kong, but that one has some cool decals. Anyone heard of them? The price tag is awfully appealing...but as some people say, you pay for what you get, so I am wary of actually ordering the bodywork. Anyone have any thoughts?

Author:  sParKy! [ Mon May 18, 2009 12:07 pm ]
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yes, there's a couple of guys that ordered these for their track bikes. henry, and mark. the mounting holes werent dead on, but they work and the price is good...

Author:  smooth748 [ Mon May 18, 2009 8:26 pm ]
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Sorry to hear you went down. Hope you are okay

Author:  SloAss848 [ Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:50 am ]
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Curious, Jay. Did you hear about problems in terms of heat? Someone on Ducati Spot posted, asking about the same guy's work and everyone vouches for him...but someone said something about heating causing the plastics to warp? Do you know if Henry and Mark had those problems? I may have to put in some serious heat insulation if it is the case. :cry:

Author:  sParKy! [ Tue Jun 09, 2009 11:14 am ]
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no real prblems... just use heat tape in the critical areas

Author:  jelco [ Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:32 pm ]
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i have a generic set of fairings for track and had to drill holes. it took a little more work but im happy with them. especially with teh price tag they came with. figured, they were purchased to crash in so didnt want to spend too much on them.

i will tell you that i have heard nothing but great things on shark skinz. one of the reasons you pay top dollar is that you can repair those fairings if you go down with them. with my fairings, i consider them more of a throw away.

Author:  sParKy! [ Tue Jun 09, 2009 11:58 pm ]
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I've been down on catalysts a few times and they've held up...

Author:  Sliberty [ Fri Jun 12, 2009 5:53 pm ]
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I haven't purchased the bodywork myself, but I installed several sets on bikes when I was a mechanic for NCM. They have the "Good from 5 feet" appeal and they will hold up fine. The ABS they use is a little more brittle than the stock stuff, so you will most likely have issues with stress cracks over time. V-Twin vibration is very hard on plastic that doesn't fit properly or is being stressed by pulling or pinching. Make sure you use rubber bushings whenever possible if something doesn't fit right or you have to force the bodywork into place.

I have considered getting a set of this bodywork myself for my bike to keep the stock stuff out of the sun and off the concrete in the case of an accident.

Author:  SloAss848 [ Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:09 pm ]
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For me, I want to get my factory stuff off the bike so it can be repaired. I also want to do along your style...to keep the OE bodywork from seeing an accident once I fix it. I expected fitment issues so I already anticipate opening some holes a little more to make sure there is minimal stress to try and keep these things together as long as possible.

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