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My first motorcycle was a 1978 Ducati 900GTS...
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Author:  Brazimoto [ Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:41 pm ]
Post subject:  My first motorcycle was a 1978 Ducati 900GTS...

in the early 1980's I used to ride Vespa's and Lambretta's as a teenager before I switched to motorcycles. My first bike had to be Italian, right? O.k. moving forward 30 years. I finally located my old bike! Though, now the lead is dead again and don't know who bought it? I owned this bike from 1986 to 1988. being that I was 18 and didn't have the money to maintain it, I sold it. I sold it to a collector in '88 and that was it I never saw it again. Come 2014 I collected all the paperwork I kept on the bike and located the address of the owner I sold it to. Well, I decided to send a letter to him and ask if he still owned the bike..? A couple of months went buy and I get an email from his wife! She shared with me that her husband had passed away a few years early... And after his death she began to sell his collection, that included the 900GTS... All she remembers is two guys from Los Angeles came and bought it... O.k. from this point the trail of crumbs stopped... Well, this year 2016 I was organizing my boards on Pinterest and made a board for my first bike. At the same time I decided to due an internet search for "1978 Ducati 900GTS blue"... Well lo and behold I came across some pics and found that they were on the Bevel Heaven website, I kept looking at the photos and it looked like my bike! I then came to the license plate image, my jaw dropped it was my bike! the license plate matched! Man, after 30 years it was a reminder to me how powerful the Net is! I contacted the owner of Bevel Heaven and he wasn't too interested or enthusiastic as I was to help me locate the new owner, o.k. I can understand that after selling the bike in 2005 he couldn't help me..? So, now I'm left with out another lead to follow. That's why I made the Pinterest board and decided to post my story here. Maybe someone will know the owner or see the bike and direct them to my Pinterest board as I'd like to connect with the the new owner... here's a link to my board: https://www.pinterest.com/brazimoto/197 ... -gts-blue/ or you can contact me at brazimoto@gmail.com Thanks for your time, Erik

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File comment: This is a photo of the bike in San Francisco before it was sold in 2005...
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